1. I don’t like online submissions, can I submit via paper?

No. We no longer accept film submissions that do not go through FilmFreeway, Festhome or Withoutabox. It is difficult to keep track of films we can’t manually enter into Withoutabox’s system and when there’s no electronic record of a submission, it makes addressing problems (I.E. a film was submitted, but the DVD didn’t arrive, a main contact has to be changed, etc.) troublesome.

2. How much does it cost to submit film?

Submission fees for all categories of films:

Earlybird Deadline (18 January 2018) – 20 USD

Regular Deadline (19 April 2018) – 25 USD

Late Deadline (19 July 2018) – 30 USD

Extended Deadline (6 September 2018) – 35/45 USD (short film/long film)

3. How do I know you received my film?

In your FilmFreeway or Withoutabox account, you’ll see a message indicating that your film satisfies all requirements and is in consideration. If you see a yellow circle, you’ve partially satisfied the requirements. Please contact us to find out what is needed to move your film into consideration. If you see a red circle, we have either not received your film, an error was made on our part and we need to correct it, or there’s been an upload error with FilmFreeway.

4, How will we be notified?

Accepted films will receive an invitation letter by email. Films not accepted will also be notified by email by the notification deadline. Your status of not accepted and accepted will also be reflected in FilmFreeway.

5. If I submit to one category, will I be considered for others I may be eligible for?

No. You are only considered for the category you submit your film to.

6. Do you prefer films with stars?

No. We prefer great and interesting stories.

7. How are films scored?

Each film is watched by multiple screeners and evaluated across several different criteria. Screeners are asked a series of questions about each film, working to determine whether or not the film is a good fit for the festival.

8. Are films selected solely on screener feedback?

No. When it comes to final selections, films are selected based on the overall filmmaking, variety and what will make the strongest and most interesting lineup. When it comes to selecting films, it’s a film’s content and quality that matter, not it’s score. Screener feedback is important to the process, but not ultimate qualifier.

9. Are films only selected from the group that received high marks from screeners?

No. Programmers will go through notes from each film, regardless of how high or low it scored. Films that did not make the final round but thematically complete a program or pair well with a feature may be reevaluated and selected. We never consider a film officially not selected until we have announced our lineup. Film selection is about making curatorial choices that make the strongest group of films and we strive to revisit as many films as possible to make sure we create the strongest lineup.

10. Can I see my feedback?

Due to the number of submissions received and technical limitations, it’s not possible for us to share scores at this time. It is something we continue to explore and hope to one day make available to all filmmakers.

11. Can I found out how my film is doing once I’ve submitted?

We ask that you do not email or call us to find out updates. We’re working on multiple aspects of the festival while submissions are in process. It’s not that we don’t want to give updates, it’s just nearly impossible to answer those questions in a timely manner.

It’s also nearly impossible to give an update that would accurately give a filmmaker an idea of how likely it is they’ll be selected.

12. Who makes final selections?

Final selections are made by the Programming Department.

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