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Narrated by Giancarlo Giannini, the docu-film ‘Astrosamantha’ is a unique and intimate portrait of the Space record woman, Samantha Cristoforetti, and her spaceflight to the International Space Station.
Samantha is the female astronaut who has spent the most time in Space, she is the astronaut from the ESA who has spent the highest number of consecutive days in Space, she has traveled 130 million km, the longest ever voyage by any woman, she is the first person to have brewed and drunk an espresso in space, she is the first Italian woman in Space. A real story about space, action, curiosity, records and women…

Director: Gianluca Cerasola


Chief Executive Officer of Morol, Gianluca Cerasola collaborates with Media and Tv around the world, producing documentaries, Tv show, Cinema film and Tv Fiction series for Italian and international Market. In Italy collaborates with Rai Cinema, Rai Italian television, Endemol-Shine, Mediaset tv and Sky. He is a Cinema-television Producer, director, writer and journalist. With a degree in Science Communications he pursued his studies with a Masters degree in writing and television productions in Los Angeles (USA) cable drama series shows FX, TNT, HBO. In Rome ”La Sapienza University” a Masters in Criminology to write and produce film and fictions about criminolgy. He is also a member of the Italian Professional Journalists Society. He was the youngest European director to interview a Head of Government for a documentary production. Since 1995 he has been collaborating with Endemol-Italy and Endemol-Shine World organizing television programs (Big Brother, Survivors, The Money Drop, The Brain, etc..). He writes for popular newspapers and is Managing Director of newspaper. Gianluca Cerasola is a world travel expert, has directed and Produced documentaries and formats all over the world: United States of America (New York, Boston, Cape Cod), Australia, Albania, Bermuda Islands, South Africa, Kruger Park, Madagascar, Bulgaria, Yemen, Sokotra Island, Switzerland, United Arab Emirates, Sweden (Holand, Gotland), Buenos Aires, Chile, Virgin Islands, New Zealand, Hong Kong, British Virgin Islands, Japan, Guatemala, Zimbabwe, Korea, Mauritius,etc.
Gianluca Cerasola is the author of two books: “Sopra e Sotto il Tavolo” with the preface of the Italian premiership G. Andreotti and “Saremo Famosi, superare i casting dei reality e delle fiction”, is a work about how to afford and too win over a casting and it is currently used as text book at Roma 3 University in Italy.
Gianluca was the first director in the world to do a film with an astrounat, and the first time world exclusive footage for a film was shot on the International Space Station while in space. “Astrosamantha” is the first cinema docu- film directed by Gianluca

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