Avellino – Rocchetta, the Suspension of Travel

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The train from Avellino to Rocchetta Sant’Antonio (in the innermost Southern Italy), the railroad strongly supported by the scholar Francesco De Sanctis to ensure that the High Irpinia would step outside its old isolation, and used by many emigrants traveling to the north of Italy and to Europe or to the Americas, makes its last run after a more-than-hundred-year-old troubled history. The day after the train service will be “suspended”. Also the dream of the last passionate passengers is suspended, and they embark on a journey in which discussions and memories intertwine with intentions to fight. But, while someone gets on board to avert the danger of being grounded in the future, someone else, on the ground, recalls the long journeys of his past.

Director: Michele Citoni


Journalist, communications professional, videomaker. He was for many years an environment defense activist, then a freelance journalist specializing in ecology and has participated in research projects on the history of the movements for the environment and health. Since 2002 he has made documentaries and videos on historical and social issues.
– We are the poors. Cronache dal Sudafrica (doc, 31′, Italy 2002)
– Indistruttibile (doc, 60′, Italy 2004)
– This Land is My Land (co-directed, doc, 9′, Italy 2004)
– Terre in moto (co-directed, doc, 60′, Italy 2006)
– Mezzafemmina a Rocchetta Sant’Antonio (musical doc, 22′, Italy 2014)
– Il futuro è troppo grande (co-directed, doc, 80′, Italy 2014)
– Avellino – Rocchetta, sospensione di viaggio (doc, 33′, Italy 2015)
– Traduzioni (co-directed, doc, 75′, Italy 2016)

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