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The fashionable, yet imperial and mystic beauty of the Santorini Caldera is truly unique. A turbulent character associated with a long term march through time, since the prehistoric era.
Around 16km of multicolored cliffs, which soar up over 300m from a sea drowned vast crater, left by one of the biggest volcanic eruptions in the history of mankind. Although the volcano is quiescent at the present time, at the current active crater, steam and carbon dioxide are given off.
There is much to see, touch, breathe and feel all around the island. Elegance, intense variety, and maybe even pure contradiction. The wild beauty is enhanced when a sweeping power shortage strikes, leaving you alone to contemplate the immensity of nature at night.

Director: Kostas Petsas

A visual storyteller, co-founder of Arte Cinematica in Greece. He has a long term experience in producing storytelling wedding films, mastering the art of anamorphic lenses and creating corporate videos.

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