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“This is a hymn about the unity of people and about the importance of preserving our planet.”
The shooting took place in Kamchatka, in Karelia and on the Kola Peninsula on the shore of the Barents Sea. A new song by Andrey Zaporozhets is a kind of peacekeeping hymn. He wrote it in 1 day, inspiring the idea and stunning views of nature. The song is about how important it is to appreciate our planet, nature, people. And everyone has a chance to change each other, and everything will change.
About how destructive can be the footprint of civilization, but at the same time, each of us has a chance to help each other and nature, and change everything. The fact that we all, the inhabitants of the planet are one and in our hearts want the same thing. The project was initiated by the production company Diagonal 11, the clip was directed by Valentin Savin and Katerina Lagoda. The project has become truly international, the work on it took place in different countries: the creation and recording of the song – in Russia, Ukraine and the Netherlands, the shooting and editing of the video – in Russia, and the color correction – in Los Angeles.
The clip was attended as heroes by ordinary residents of Murmansk, not professional actors, but those who are fans of the artist and share the values and message of the project.

Director: Valentin Savin


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