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After China’s father death, China gets involved in a trip which will help her to find the human being’s essence. A travel in which she will discover that running away is not the way.

Director: Mercedes Gaspar


In September 2011 the Plataforma de Nuevos Realizadores (New Filmmakers Platform) dedicated a tribute and a book to her filmaking trajectory. She studied Geography and History, Audiovisual Communication with specialization in Image and Sound, Stage Management (RESAD), Filmmaking in the Instituto Oficial de Radio y Televisión, and Music Theory and Piano in the Real Conservatorio de Zaragoza. She has worked as director in Spanish TV (TVE), and invited lecturer in different Universities and Film and TV Institutes. She is producer, writer and director. She writes short stories, poetry, and theater, which she also directs, and has made video art and photography exhibitions in museums and art galleries. She was part of amateur theater groups, and her film career started making movies costumes, and then entering into production equipment and management.

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