Going Places Takes You Places

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A little while ago, we went for long weekend in Lago di Garda (Gardasee), Italy. A wonderful and very mediterranean-like place. This was one of my many travel stops this year (there’s plenty more planned) and it also made me think a lot. How going places takes you places. Where I was 5 years ago and where I am now. How I ended up here. All the decisions that lead me to today.

It has been a wild journey and I am glad I lived through to tell it and share it with the world. I as have stated many times in the past, this short films serve the sole purpose of archiving my moments, our moments, our lives together. Something I can show to my friends and family back homeSomething that maybe I can look back in 20 years time and maybe later on show it to my grand children. I know I won’t live forever, but these moments will.

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