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HumanEyes is all about authenticity.
So, we went to India with nothing planned and an open mind. Whatever would happen we would register, in order to tell the story the best way we know: through Painting, Photography and this Video.

This is a story of how the painter Carolina Piteira gets inspired to create her pieces of art. A Story where you see the backstage of all the experiences and emotions that convey into her canvas.

All we knew was that we wanted to visit the place where all colors live so we could bring them back home with us.
What we didn’t know, was that we would find colors everywhere. From the corner of the streets to children’s smiles, and to the kind welcoming gestures of the Indian people.
We thought this trip was about three artists, but…after all… it’s about all of us.

It’s about humanity, about how pure and authentic these people are, how humanly they communicate. Away from the modern glassed-cold surface ways of communicating.

Deep and honest communication.

The Story is divided into 4 chapters, the same chapters that divided our reaction upon arrival and as we got to know India better.

India is like no other place. A different reality, different smell, different culture.It’s a big shock when you first arrive in India, you can’t stay indifferent. All the noise, chaos, colors. .a strong wake-up call.

It’s inevitable not to create tons of expectations of how India will be like before you go.This part is centered on Carolina. As she gets more involved with people and India we start to see more interactions and enthusiasm.

That’s when the real India starts to show. Through the eyes of its people, through communication.
Carolina starts to discover and learn from the humanity of the Indian people.
“Here, they look into your eyes, they ask you where you come from and what you do”
Deep human connections are explored.

We have a lot to learn with this colorful Indian way of existing. What distinguishes us from other animals is the human side of our communication. The emotions, the connection. In our stressful daily lives, we forget to communicate deeply, even with our closest friends and family.
Carolina wants to share those learning by her way of communicating: through her paintings.

Director: Guilherme Melo Ribeiro


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