Mare Nostrum — The Arab World

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I’ve been fortunate to travel the most misunderstood part of the world for a month, and this is what I got in return: A head full of beautiful thoughts, feelings and experiences ; enough to break the western cliché that the mass media wants to set about the Arab World.

This project is a condensed mix of a journey through 6 mediterranean countries in 4 minutes of video, and has been shot in a little bit more than 4 weeks.
I travelled with my usual light backpack half filled with my gear, and half with my surviving items.

In the background, you can hear an excerpt of the speech by Yasser Arafat to the UN in 1974, that means:
« Today I have come bearing an olive branch and a freedom-fighter’s gun. Do not let the olive branch fall from my hand. I repeat: do not let the olive branch fall from my hand».

Directed by Stanislas Giroux

Music by Fran Soto

Narration by Nathan Cahen

Thanks to Maison Carnot