My Greek Odyssey

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“My Greek Odyssey”, the first documentary series to travel to all inhabited Greek islands, invites us to find out what is unique in each of them. From history and culture to its people, nothing in this Odyssey stays unexplored.

But don’t go thinking that it’s just another documentary program. It is a story about life too through the eyes of its host, Greek-Australian Peter Maneas. His travels to Greece from childhood to the present day and his love for Greek culture created a dream, to show the hidden beauties of the Greek islands and to travel Greece all around the world. And he’s doing it. With his yacht “MIA ZOI”, which translates to “One Life”, and the philosophy of “we only live once”, Peter will take us to places where few have managed to visit.

In this journey of discovery, Peter begins unravelling the story of this spectacular and historic nation. Along the way we not only see amazing sites, but we also meet remarkable characters. Peter introduces us to the local cuisine, gives us a bit of a history lesson, and most importantly, inspires us to immerse ourselves in a centuries old culture that’s unlike anywhere else on the planet.

Director: Alexander Begetis

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