Overland: Islam Roads

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In over 30,000 kilometers from Europe to Afghanistan and back. This Over-Land orange caravan will be meeting the most diverse populations, facing various bureaucratic obstacles in extremely sensitive geo-political situations: fully armed military escorts, daily terrorist attacks, population revolts, guerrilla warfare and closed borders, but the reward will be incredibly surprising from the stories of who lives in these wonderful unspoilt landscapes, covering from breathtaking mountain passes and wastelands to desert and lakes.

Overland is a well known expedition that organizes incredible adventures since 1995. This year with “Islam Roads” the adventure has been brought to a completely new level to show from a traveller point of view truly impossibile areas like Afghanistan, Iran, Belarus, and the occupied areas of East Ukraine. All seen through the eyes of the Overland traveller team while they escape a bomb or two…

Directors: Filippo Tenti, Giuseppe Tenti

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