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The Truth about Jutta and Mirek

It’s a love story. Jutta and Mirek travel through life together, even if it gets weird. And it does get weird… Jutta Riedel and Mirek Balonis are creating films together since 2011. They are also producing songs.

Lost in Molise

“Lost in Molise”is a video born like a game, in this game I wanted to show some characteristics of my native region. A territory neglected and underestimated by too many people. This trip for me was like getting lost, exploring a land that I’ve never really looked at before. Molise is a wild region, wealthy …Read more »

Cuba Cab Ride

Travel the streets and sites of Cuba today remembering Aunt Albertina who lived there in 1961.

Desolate – urban exploration in Hungary

A father, a daughter and a friend travel to the heart of Europe to explore the remnants of Hungary’s unsung history.

Swansea Legendary Adventures

It’s no surprise that this area’s dramatic landscapes and seascapes are home to so many supernatural stories.