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Metropolis II: Highway to Heaven

A young boy learns that death is not always the end of the road… Director: Phil Swinburne Phil Swinburne proudly maintains that he has never had a ‘proper job’. Amongst other diversions he has been a produced screenwriter, an actor, musician, fashion designer, market researcher, construction worker, van driver, slot machine mechanic, restaurant washer-up, and secret …Read more »


Rachel (Kimberly Leemans) finds out she might have terminal breast cancer and with the help of a handsome dive master, Luca (Falk Hentschel), decides to face her biggest fear… swimming with SHARKS! Unlike Spielberg’s mechanical shark, The Big Swim was filmed on location with wild bull sharks, without stunt doubles, cages, or special FX in …Read more »

Double Barrel

An inspiring true story, Double Barrel reflects how travel connects and motivates like minded individuals with big dreams to act on preserving beautiful places for future generations to enjoy.

874 Miles

A bicycle journey from Land’s End in Cornwall to John O’Groats

The Truth about Jutta and Mirek

It’s a love story. Jutta and Mirek travel through life together, even if it gets weird. And it does get weird… Jutta Riedel and Mirek Balonis are creating films together since 2011. They are also producing songs.