“Pedaling the island” a bike trip in Iceland

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Four bicycles and four young travellers, just one is a cycletourist, the others try to be that.
After a few months training, in the easy countryside around Milan, they leave to the most fascinous and misterious island in our mind: Iceland. A 1500 km trip in a critical conditions as rain, wind, cold and hard steages. Just small bags and an action camera to tell how falling in love with an extreme country such Iceland. From the post card panoramas to the lonlyness of the F35, the trails where everybody feels to be on the moon. The efforts, the unexpected summer snowing but also, the warm huts with torba roofs and the hot swimming pools. An adventure to the limit of everyone that makes sense km after km in a oniric world of fairies, elfs and shark meat. And when the exploration seems to change the way, the four travellers will feel that in their mind there are not chance to stop to ride their bicycles.

Director: Eric Tornaghi


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