Sauerkraut And Sushi – Traveling Germany With A Japanese (2 parts)

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The experimental programme invites the audience to a trip through Germany, to focus on breathtaking landscapes and landmarks, meet wonderful people in unique jobs and places and also taste its regional food. To learn and reflect about how special all that is,the audience sees as this through the eyes of a Reporter who usually travels Alaska and Siberia, and his female guest from Tokyo, Japan. The results are: amazing travel shots, thrilling challenges and humorous comparisons of German and Japanese daily life.

Klaus Scherer, known as a tv-globetrotter in Germany, focusses for the first time on his home country, to discover its major landscapes, unique people, local language and, very important, cuisine. At his side travels Azusa Mori from Tokyo, who used to live in the City of Hamburg as a child, but never saw the rest of the country. On the trip she adds her own questions to the Germans from a cultural stranger’s perspective. Short videoclips from Japan, where she lives her daily life, help the audience to recognize the differences – and so smile about them. And often about themselves, too, as typical Germans.

Director: Klaus Scherer


Klaus Scherer, 54, has produced high profile current affairs, history and travel documentaries like “Targeted by Hackers”, “Kamikaze: Death Order for Japan’s Youth”, “Stunned by the Arctic” or Nagasaki “. He was awarded with the most prestigious German “Adolf-Grimme-Preis” and “Deutsche Fernsehpreis”. He also wrote the SPIEGEL-Bestseller “America’s Great- and Crazyness: Inside Views of a Superpower”.


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