Smachnogo/Bon Appétit

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The film depicts the way of two friends to victory in the culinary contest “CookNOW”.
It all starts with main character, Mykola Pshenytsia, he starts the introduction to his life to the audience. More specifically: his father is a Ukrainian who came to France and became a successful chef there. He met his future wife and they raised a family in France. So when Mykola is born, there is no choice for him except becoming a chef as his father did.
Now Mykola is 25. Like father, he is engaged in culinary. But unlike him, Mykola combines culinary with travellings. Together with his best friend Patrick, they are – foodbackpackers. Young men travel through different corners of the world with a huge backpack slinging behind full of culinary secrets. During the trip, friends learn about different traditions and local culinary tricks, gain and exchange experience.
Mykola and Pat came to Ukraine in search of a victory in the “CookNow” contest. Upon arrival our heroes were extremely impressed with local cuisine, so they immediately decide to put together ukrainian and their distinctive french traditions.
During the film, friends face numerous challenges. The major one is their main opponent – chef Alik, local gastronomic star well-known throughout Ukraine. The second problem is products that our heroes are so accustomed to and which are somewhat hard to find at markets, especially if you are not local. Third is the development of new recipes. Ukrainian cuisine seems to be terra incognita and decision – to tame it right before the competition, – is extremely risky.
Nevertheless, due to skill and fortune, they get their cherished victory. The film ends with a happy ending, the guys win the competition and open their own restaurant. The story ends with a scene in which competitive opponent Alik gives a visit to a new establishment of Mykola and Pat. It is clear to the audience that all the fights between Alik, Mykola and Patrick are over and they became good friends.

Director: Dzen Yevstygneykin


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