The Yellow Queen – a road movie

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A one-way journey from Koln (Germany) to Bamako (Mali), crossing Europe and then the biggest desert of our planet: 7200 kilometers.
A journey whose protagonists are a 12-meters-long yellow bus and its driver, Christian, a German giant with a passion for traveling and mechanics. Since 2012 he has been delivering the indestructible Mercedes O303 coaches to Mali to give them a second life. And then there’s me, Lucio, traveling with Christian and other regular and irregular passengers across landscapes and countries that I had never visited before. During the 21 days-long trip I witnessed Christian’s cunning strategies to cross borders undisturbed, heading South, as all the useful objects we collected along the way changed their value. Christian buys and resells buses and other things with the sole purpose of breaking even. He’s a sort of pirate, he’s a dreamer, he’s slightly crazy while still remaining a “rigorous” German. I plunged into his story and that of his bus, the Yellow Queen, seeing first-hand what this business entails. Fatigue, dangers, casual encounters in an ever-changing landscape that, although distant and very harsh, becomes, at times, surprisingly relatable.

Director: Lucio Arisci

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