“This Beautiful Journey” #VirtualTravel to India

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Escape “remotely” or “virtually” from home to India! Find local treasures with me in the regions of Delhi, Haryana, and Kolkata where no commercial tour guide will take you to. The rustic and new India is at your fingertips now and will unfurl in front of your eyes!

As your special tour guide, let me take you to the country where my parents were born and brought up. Through the artistic perspective of my eyes and heart, this travelogue displays all the impromptu, fresh, and personal moments that travel can bring with exuberant joy and life lessons. Experience up close and personal on this fast ride through the diverse thoughts, colors, voices, smells, sounds, and emotions from my experiences in India. My ultimate goal is to bring smiles to your faces through the spontaneity of my journey!”

Director: Rohini Chandra

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