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Travel Music Videos must be 15 minutes or less in length including credits. Public music videos that are currently on youtube or vimeo are eligible.

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Music video talks about the beauty of our planet. And calling everybody to take care of its cleanliness. Director: Aleksandras Brokas  

Return to Kenya

You might leave Africa, but Africa never really leaves you. This time I returned with my crew of amazing humans, and we were hosted by the Finch Hattons Luxury Camp in Tsavo West as well as the Ocean Spa Lodge in Msambweni. Director: Christian Ghammachi

Ice Ballet – Ilulissat, Greenland

This video was shot in Greenland last June. We had 24h of daylight which means midnight sun. There was strong magnetic interference while flying our drone and had our most challenging aerial shooting, so far. Amazing Ted Regklis composed the music, took care of the sound design and we are entirely thankful for his help …Read more »

Earth song. SunSay

“This is a hymn about the unity of people and about the importance of preserving our planet.” The shooting took place in Kamchatka, in Karelia and on the Kola Peninsula on the shore of the Barents Sea. A new song by Andrey Zaporozhets is a kind of peacekeeping hymn. He wrote it in 1 day, …Read more »

Dream flight mode

In a dream I updated my drone and got an interesting new feature. Imagine if you could have such inteligent flight mode which could transform you from your grey environment and deliver you to some magical island. I’m from Finland and during the darkest time of the year I can only wish that such technical …Read more »