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Travel Music Videos must be 15 minutes or less in length including credits. Public music videos that are currently on youtube or vimeo are eligible.

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Time Will Tell

We are delighted to premiere the video for ‘Time Will Tell’ from Scott Clay, which features a strong rhythm, instrumental layers and the beautiful, open landscapes of his home state of Washington. The video is visually stunning and reflects Clay’s love for the outdoors and his desire to find peace and connect with the natural …Read more »

Hawaii – The Greatest Place On Earth

Travel Montage of 5 days spent in beautiful Oahu, Hawaii Director: Ciprian Andrei Dumitrascu    

Travel North Cross Land – Australia

Travel 5000kms across Australia’s far north with us, through Western Australia, the Northern Territory and Queensland.

Dream flight mode

In a dream I updated my drone and got an interesting new feature. Imagine if you could have such inteligent flight mode which could transform you from your grey environment and deliver you to some magical island. I’m from Finland and during the darkest time of the year I can only wish that such technical …Read more »

Trying To Stay Light

This short film is a lockdown collaboration between a photographer/filmmaker and a writer who find themselves unable to travel to the Arctic landscape which has inspired them in the past – or indeed to travel anywhere. The film explores lightness and darkness, literal and metaphorical – the elongated light regime of the polar regions, and …Read more »