Documentary Short

Any Documentary Film under 45 mins will be considered in this category. Foreign language work must be dubbed or subtitled in English.

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Drops in the Ocean

A passionate underwater photographer Min Sik Roh, whose work is internationally recognized, returned to his favorite diving site, Raja Ampat. He now wants to share with everyone the magnificent beauty of Raja Ampat and his unforgettable experience here. Director: Dongheon Shin

Trans_ALP | crossing borders

It is a documentary reportage from 2019 bicycle trip, the aim of which was to ride the Alps at their widest point. The director was one of the 7 participants of the expedition and was documenting it from the inside while riding the bike. The start took place on the German-Austrian border in the city …Read more »

Arctic Aviators

Father and son Helmut and Henrik have an ambition to fly their tiny single-engine Cessna to the North Pole – and land there. But there is no land to ‘land’ on: just ice that floats on the sea and constantly drifts with the wind and sea currents. Their engine has already failed – twice – …Read more »


SCOTLAND is a Planet, and we decided to explore it landing on its surface, by motorcycles. A dance of wheels on the Scottish roads; a dance of dreamlike colors to the notes of the Red Hot Chilli Pipers, the most iconic Scottish bagpipe band. Director: FULVIO TERMINELLI

The Long Today

My Dad turned 70 this summer. So he found a “river” on a map, repaired one of his old wood canoes, and invited his family to help him celebrate the big day. Only a few of us showed up. Director: Niobe Thompson