Documentary Feature

Any Documentary Film over 45 mins will be considered in this category. We admit only the films about travels, both modern and historical ones. Foreign language work must be dubbed or subtitled in English.

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Bali & Beyond

The full-length documentary “Bali & Beyond” is a meditative non-verbal audio-visual journey to the beautiful and mysterious island of Bali in Indonesia and nearby islands of Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Penida. The “Bali & Beyond” movie plunges into the incredible atmosphere of the island, where legends and epics of bygone eras come to life and …Read more »

American Road

Explores the mystique of the road in American culture.

Pyotr Kozlov. Secrets of the Lost City.

Pyotr Kozlov is an outstanding traveler and geographer. His life is like an adventure novel compared with which all fictional stories of movie heroes look rather dull. He spent 17 years in expeditions across Central Asia and charted hundreds of thousands of square kilometers of unknown land. He discovered the dead city Hara-Hoto in the …Read more »

Around the World in 80 Anthems

In a riveting, heart-thumping and culturally-rich musical journey narrated by Daymond John, the founding member and philanthropist from the Emmy award-winning Shark Tank, this documentary follows 11 year-old Capri and her family through 80 countries where she sings the national anthem of each country in the national language to raise money and awareness for orphaned …Read more »


After months of pooling resources, Andrea finally joins Antonio in Sri Lanka, where he is already working to organize the delivery of school supplies for the children of Ambewela.