Winter Semi-Finalists

We are proud to announce the 2017 TRAVEL FilmFest Winter Semi-Finalists!


Kayak The Kwanza by Oscar Scafidi (UK)

Legendary Adventures by Rob Johnson  (UK)

Once Upon a Time in Cappadocia by Rob Whitworth (UK)

Interference by Alberto Martin-Aragon (Spain)

The Big Swim by Kat Green  (USA)

Roma > Athens (Love in the time of Mykonos) by Thomas Kunstler (UK)

While in London  by Ala Hamdan  (Jordan)

Agrinoui by Alexis Chaviaras  (Cyprus)

Desolate – urban exploration in Hungary by Attila Kaldy (Australia)

Double Barrel  by Angie Davis  (Australia)

The Truth about Jutta and Mirek by Jutta Riedel & Mirek Balonis (Germany)

Lost in Molise by Sara Mignogna (Italy)

Awakening In Taos by Mark Gordon  (USA)

Escapes by Mercedes Gaspar (Spain)

874 Miles by Mark Garvey (UK)

My Father’s Land by Miquel Galofre  (Trinidad and Tobago)

360@ by Jean Sébastien Desbordes & Vincent Nguyen (France)

Georgia to Maine by Reid Lauff (USA)

Cozumel Island, a Paradise in the Mayan Caribbean by Karlos Simon (Mexico)

The blue room -al-ḥamdu li-llāh by Bettina D’mello (Germany)

We Call This Home by Walter Chang (USA)

Muui: 10 Days in Saigon, Day 2 by Kunho Kim (USA)

Around the World by Piero Calicchio (Switzerland)

Vienna table trip by Virgil Widrich (Austria)

7934 Kilomètres Away by Daniel McClelland (UK)

Astrosamantha, The Space Record Woman by Gianluca Cerasola (Italy)

The Swiss Alps Timelapse by Francis So (Hong Kong)

W Punta de Mita by Mark Knight (USA)

The Germans – On Tour by Sebastian Naumann (Germany)

A Proper Pint: McLoughlin’s Bar – Achill Island, Ireland by Keven Siegert (USA)

Wanderlust, female bodies in transit by Maria Perez Escalá & Anne vonPetersdorff (Argentina & USA)

Closer to Maarten by Raymond Grimbergen (Netherlands)

Singalila in the Himalaya by George Thengummoottil (India)

Desire by Eugenio Recuenco (Spain)

The Art Of Moving by Liliana Marinho de Sousa (Germany)

The China Collage by Kennedy Pope (USA)

Snowmads – A Journey Towards Eastern Suns by Jonas Abenstein & Fabian Lentsch (Austria)

The Mallorca Adventure by Andreas Ewels (Germany)

Where the Heart Beats by Mary Strause (USA)

5 Oldest Bars in NYC by  Roberto Serrini  (USA)

Au revoir Balthazar by Rafael Sommerhalder  (Switzerland)

Whispering Iceland by Nick Kontostavlakis  (Greece)

Catching the Bug by Adrian Eppel  (Australia)

Tea Time by  Joanne Levenick  (Canada)

Sacred Beauty by Daniel Bob  (Singapore)

Alegria – A Humanitarian Expedition by Christoph von Toggenburg (Switzerland)

Pathway to health by Rappe Rémi & Diserens Sylvain (France)

The Ultimate Triathlon by Jay Cox (UK)

The Iron Dream by Yaser Talebi (Iran)

Crossing The Border by Sabine Kuper-Busch (Turkey)

Journey to Joyce’s Village – Creating the Place of Hope by Christoph Nick (Germany)

Snow People by Tracey Johnston & Tom Strnad (Canada)

Valeriy Shanin

Valery Shanin — professional traveler, travel writer and documentary filmmaker, member of the “International Federation of Journalists”. The author of the books “Around the world in 280$”, “Around the world in a tour”, “Around the world without visas”, “Central America without visas”, “Travel: How to do it youself“, “Europe for everybody” and others; a lot of guidebooks and articles. The author of the TV program “The World without visas. Around the world with Valery Sanin” on the Ocean-TV channel.

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