The TRAVEL FilmFest collects the best travel/lifestyle films from around the world, which were created both by professionals and by enthusiasts, and helps to get them across to the audience.
We admit only the films about travels, both modern and historical ones. As well as those films, where travel is an important part of the synopsis. Fiction, production, animated and documentary films on any types of travel and adventures on the water and in the air, on land and under it, in the mountains and forests, on seas, rivers, lakes, swamps, about hiking, ski trek, rides on public transport, on vehicles and motorcycles, bikes, hitch-hiking, bus tours, pilgrimage tours, round-the-world trips… as well as films about cultures, traditions, lifestyle, history, countries, emigrants, world around us.
Not all creators of travel films are necessarily the professionals, who work in the movies industry or on television. This is just a hobby for the majority of contestants. However, this does not mean that their films are worse. The original story that is told in the film plays a far more important role than its budget or the awards of its creator. You can make a good film even if you do not have a large budget, stellar cast and a large production team. You hold the keys to the kingdom. Go ahead!

Awards & prizes

All officially selected films will be shown on the big screen during the solemn final ceremony on October 19-20, 2019 in Limassol (Lemesos) on the island of Cyprus and will be able to struggle for the main prize and the title of the “Best travel film”. As well as for the prizes in the standalone nominations.

Best Travel Feature Film

Best Travel Short Film

Best Travel Animated Short

Best Travel Feature Documentary

Best Travel Short Documentary

Best Travel Music Video

Best Travel Web Series

Best Travel Video Guide

Best Travel Commercials

Winners will receive Trophy Awards at our Award Ceremony in Limassol (Lemesos) on the island of Cyprus.

Special prizes from our sponsors.

Dates & Deadlines

Earlybird Deadline November 30, 2018

Regular Deadline March 30, 2019

Late Deadline July 31, 2019

Extended Deadline October 10, 2019

Notification Date October 12, 2019

Our team 

Festival President Valery Shanin

avatarkvadValery Shanin — professional traveler, travel writer and documentary filmmaker, member of the “International Federation of Journalists”. The author of the books “Around the world in 280$”, “Around the world in a tour”, “Around the world without visas”, “Central America without visas”, “Travel: How to do it youself“, “Europe for everybody” and others; a lot of guidebooks and articles. The author of the TV program “The World without visas. Around the world with Valery Sanin” on the Ocean-TV channel.

Festival Program Director Vladimir Pleshakov

img_7014Vladimir Pleshakov is a writer, (the book “The mermaid grill”, “I killed Pancho Villa”, “Container-bars”, “Biography Pasha Pukhov”), screenwriter (screenplays “Scorpion Venom”, “Azazello’s Cream,” “Night football”, etc.), program Director of TV channels “Ideal world” and “Amazing Life”, producer of M1 music channel, executive producer on the TV channel “Zvezda”, documentary filmmaker (“the Formula of Schmidt”, “the Biography of a ship”, “Osowiec Fortress”, “Nine months below zero”, etc.), lecturer, popularizer of science, traveller.

Festival jury


Yves Lanco — a well known French photographer-animal painter, naturalist, specializing in filming wildlife. Guru of underwater photography, 15 years of experience in the team of Jacques–Yves Cousteau, a filmmaker and author of films about butterflies (and not only)!

Kelley FerroKelley Ferro – Video Journalist & Content Creator. Because Kelley Ferro LIVES to travel and has a massive travel video library to prove it, she rarely takes a break from jet-setting around the globe. Always looking to explore more, Kelley is perpetually seeking the local, authentic and best experiences wherever she goes. She crafts video, blogs and social media to document her adventures in hopes to inspire you to travel better, travel more & travel purposefully.