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Exploring the enchanting beauty of Hawaii. A journey into the culture, people and landscapes of Maui Director: Paulo Farias

Four Seasons – One Day

“Four Seasons – One Day” is a philosophical short film. A traveler, wandering through all four seasons in just one day, discovers that every season holds its own beauty. With its meditative and magical tone, the film invites viewers to consider that even the impossible is possible. Director:  Inessa Kraft

Downhill From Here

Downhill From Here is the story of my 2015 run the length of the UK, from John O’Groats to Land’s End. It accompanies the bestselling book of the same name. The film is intended to be screened in two sittings, or broken into 5 pieces for TV screening / streaming. It is currently a work …Read more »

Palau World Heritage

All around the world nature is threatened by the onslaught of mankind. It is commendable that the sate of Palau tries to stem the tide in its territory by far-reaching conservation measures. Almost 60% of the marine environment is protected. In 2009 Palau became the first shark sanctuary in the world and in 2012 Unesco …Read more »

Women and roads. The way to yourself. Ladoga.

This is a movie about meanings. Or rather, this is a film about women in search of meanings. It is also a film about the largest lake in Europe, about Ladoga, with its natural beauty and its difficult and significant history. And about how it lives today, Ladoga and her women … 7 days on …Read more »