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he year 1947, became remarkable for India and its people. For 200-years India witnessed progress in small pockets. The British rulers introduced railways to Indians. To progress the country needed to move away from Bullock carts to spin. And this was the same time, when the Maharashtra government introduced its State Transport. As years rolled it became the life of rural Maharashtra and till date it’s the life of the farmers, peasants, labourers and service industry. People have so much affinity towards the State Transport (ST) they call her, “Laal Pari” (Red Fairy).
The documentary film, “Laal Pari-a Road Fairy” covers the pan -Maharashtra travel of the bus. It actually depicts the crucial role of public transport in the common man/ woman’s life. Maharashtra is the second most populous state in India. The documentary film depicts how the bus has become a boon for the people living in the diversified mountain ranges, hills and plateaus and the longest coastal stretch of 750 kms.

Director: Santoshee Gulabkali Mishra

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