Noria, 35 000km from France to Laos in a Citroen 2CV

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Noria is the story of a daring adventure carried-out by Coralie and Fabien who had the weird idea to drive “Rustine”*, their loyal vintage Citroen 2CV, all around the globe.
Get on board and let yourself be carried along the 18 countries they crossed to join Laos from France, with minimalist equipment for fully enjoying the adventure!

Small trips and great expeditions have always excited Coralie and Fabien. By all means, they love to travel the world: on foot (crossing Corsica; Southern France through National Parks; from Italy to Spain along Mediterranean coast), by 2CV car (35,000km from France to Laos; crossing of West Africa), hitching (Eastern Europe), by train (from Hanoï, Vietnam to Montpellier, France via -Vladivostok, Russia). Bref! whether for expatriation (2 years in India; 7 years in Laos; long stays in Africa) or for shorter excursions, their bags are always ready for a new departure.

Director: Fabien Bastide

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