Sleeping volcano island

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The Island of Tenerife is located more than 300km from the African coast and about 1,300km from Spain. It is one of the best places in Europe for scuba diving, particularly along its South Western coast

One of the surprises harbouring in the waters of the Canarian archipelago is the presence of a stable population of pilot whales. Curiously, Hawaii is the only other place in the world where they occur. They are nomadic, by nature.
But more hidden treasure exist…

The lava flows frozen by the passage of time, the green conifer forests and the dense clouds anchored to its slopes mark the end of our brief journey through the wild nature of ….. Sleeping Volcano Island.

Director: Carlos Virgili

Barcelona. Spain 1957. Specialist in making illustrated reports of risk and adventure sports. Spanish Champion of underwater video and photograph. World Champion of underwater video. He has won more than 125 prizes in national and international image events.


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