The Great Indian Road Movie

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On the Life Road

‘The Great Indian Road Movie’ was visualized by travelling over fifteen thousand kilometres across seventeen states of India.

This is the story of a nine year old blind boy who lives in the state of Kerala, his desire to see and to know the truth about his life. The boy’s father with the help of some well-wishers arranges for a cornea transplantation surgery which brings life back to his eyes. Upon regaining vision the boy develops a wish, a wish to travel and explore the whole of India.

The boy’s father, though financially weak, sets upon this mammoth journey to fulfil his child dream. On this soul searching journey the boy is exposed to a kaleidoscope of people, cultures, languages, lifestyle and food.

On another plane this pan Indian journey is the quest of the boy to unravel the truth, the truth about self. At the end of this karmic journey through Vedic lands the boy realizes the truth.

Director: Sohan Lal


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