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Born and bred landlocked in the capital of Austria, Gabi had been dreaming of windsurfing, surfing and living with the rhythms of the ocean ever since she was a little girl. When kitesurfing came along, she broke free from of a highly successful business career in Hong Kong and London and committed herself 100% to the then new sport. After several years in the Kite World Cup (2003-2007), Gabi stopped competitive riding and embarked on her journey as a Globetrotting Freerider, Adventurer & Travel Writer.

Virgin waves and untouched kite spots are the ultimate destination for this dedicated adventurer who roams the planet searching for new kiting destinations typically on solo missions. On such an explorer-mission, Gabi came to Western Australia, where she fell in love with the waves, the people and the Aussie lifestyle — eventually she became a permanent resident and has been living in Margaret River, WA, since 2009. Sharing her travels in articles for leading magazines worldwide, Gabi lives and breathes for her time on the water and her adventures to the most remote corners of our planet.

Director: Gabi Steindl

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