Documentary Feature

Any Documentary Film over 45 mins will be considered in this category. We admit only the films about travels, both modern and historical ones. Foreign language work must be dubbed or subtitled in English.

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ORINOCO (A journey between the Orinoco and the Rio Negro)

In 2001, two friends embarked on a self-organized adventure in Venezuela, sailing up the Orinoco River with a local family to reach San Carlos de Rio Negro via the unique natural wonder of the Casiquiare channel. Director: ALESSANDRO TRAPANI

Mato Grosso do Sul: A Leading Advocate for Ecotourism Worldwide

This four-episode documentary series showcases how Mato Grosso do Sul stands as an ecotourism pioneer in the world by combining culture, sustainability, and preservation while fostering environmental awareness among the population. From the crystal-clear rivers and ancient caves of Bonito to the scenic waterfalls of Serra da Bodoquena. From the traditions of Pantanal inhabitants and …Read more »

Namaste Himalaya – How a village in Nepal opened the world to us

At the outbreak of the pandemic, the two world travellers Anna and Michael are stranded in one of the poorest countries in the world. When Nepal suddenly announces a lockdown and seals off its cities, they flee into the mountains. At the foot of the eight-thousanders they find refuge and a corrugated iron roof over …Read more »

Downhill From Here

Downhill From Here is the story of my 2015 run the length of the UK, from John O’Groats to Land’s End. It accompanies the bestselling book of the same name. The film is intended to be screened in two sittings, or broken into 5 pieces for TV screening / streaming. It is currently a work …Read more »

Women and roads. The way to yourself. Ladoga.

This is a movie about meanings. Or rather, this is a film about women in search of meanings. It is also a film about the largest lake in Europe, about Ladoga, with its natural beauty and its difficult and significant history. And about how it lives today, Ladoga and her women … 7 days on …Read more »