Documentary Feature

Any Documentary Film over 45 mins will be considered in this category. We admit only the films about travels, both modern and historical ones. Foreign language work must be dubbed or subtitled in English.

Часто комментируемые

This pioneering documentary follows a physically and mentally challenging kayaking expedition led by BASHAR AL HUNEIDI through six countries from Kuwait to Oman. This spiritual journey raises awareness of the region’s natural beauty and rich biodiversity and highlights the urgent need for a sustainable strategy to protect the environment so fundamental to the region’s heritage …Read more »

While We Live -a compass to connection-

In While We Live, musical journalist Andrea Voets makes a social roadtrip through Greece, in search for a way out of fundamental loneliness in society. Together with dozens of Greeks and Greek musicians, she deciphers their tools for meaningful contact and the social logic they live by. The journey takes us from the metropole of …Read more »

Verplant – How two guys try to cycle from Germany to Vietnam

They’re untrained, unstoppable and full of verve — Otti and Keule want to go from Heiligenstadt in Central Germany along the Silk Road to Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) in Southern Vietnam. All by bicycle. Fairly out of shape they start heading east with their brand new bikes during the record-breaking summer of 2018. Director: …Read more »

STALKING CHERNOBYL: exploration after apocalypse

STALKING CHERNOBYL: exploration after apocalypse—directed by Iara Lee (a Cultures Of Resistance film)—a documentary that examines the underground culture of the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone. Three decades after the world’s most infamous nuclear disaster, illegal hiking adventurers (known as “stalkers”), extreme sports afficionados, artists, and tour companies have begun to explore anew the mysterious, ghostly landscape, …Read more »

Return to the lost eden

“Following a boisterous journey on a local rundown fishing boat I landed on the long yearned Siberut island in the Mentawai archipelago, 90 miles west of Sumatra, Indonesia.” In 1969 Adriano Zecca, then 24 years old, wrote brief notes on his travel journal on his incredible adventure in one of the most mysterious and less …Read more »