Magical Places in Lisbon. Timelapse & Hyperlapse

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Walking through the streets of Lisbon I came across a unique store. There were only ducks. But so many kinds of them: ordinary and mutants, fairy-tale characters and celebrities. I just looked for some present for my daughter. And it seemed that the unicorn duck winked at me. The choice has been made! And then I thought: why not make this duck a hero of my movie about Lisbon?
So the story was born about the duck watching Lisbon on the screen really wanted to get there. Dreams Come True! And it came to the other side of the screen and began it journey through the city. My daughter Alina was very surprised and didn’t know how to get it back. And her aunt Karina came to the rescue and start searching the duck in Lisbon. Walking around the city, she decided to ask locals for advice about good places for finding a toy. So she went around all the sights of the city, looked at it from all sides, admired the sunrises and sunsets. Following the trail of the duck, she eventually finds it on one of the hills: it was watched to the city against the sunset too. She offered the duck to go with her. Then Karina returns the toy back to Alina. Examining carefully the duck after this they think whether it really traveled around Lisbon or they just got carried away by watching the video and fantasized everything. But we know the truth!

Director: Kirill Neiezhmakov

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