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This innovative online ‘living map’ has been created as a labour of love during the last five years by Martin Freeth. It incorporates 37 films. The watercolour map of the village of Labastide d’Armagnac in South West France, was made by Martin’s brother, Richard Freeth. The map has already increased footfall and trade in the vilage.

Visitors to the site explore the village by moving their cursors over the map which includes blue and red shapes. With each blue blob, text information appears. With each red building or site, a short film, averaging about two and a half minutes, runs. These were all directed, shot and edited by Martin Freeth an experienced British documentary film maker (see for more).

The best way to explore the map is to go to the website : and then take your own tour of the village. All the films and texts are in French, but they are subtitled or translated into English. The traders, armagnac producers, churches, restaurants, shops, artists and craftspeople of the village are all included.



While the best way to enjoy the map is to explore it in your own way (by clicking on, we have listed separate web addresses and durations for all 37 short films below.

If you want to get a feel for the range of subjects on the site, you could start with the first four listed :

  1. Coutelier d’Art  
  2. Notre Dame des Cyclistes  
  3. Encre/aquarelle, Benoit Varenber  
  4. Domaine de Luquet, Armagnac  
  1. Mayor’s introduction  
  2. Domaine Boignères  
  3. Le Temple des Bastides  
  4. Michel Cuerbe, Armagnac 
  5. Tabac  
  6. Café Tortoré  
  7. Bécasse et compagnie  
  8. Artisan Boulanger  
  9. Au Bastignac  
  10. La Giulietta  
  11. Crêperie Sucre-Pailles  
  12. Ferme de Labouc, Armagnac  
  13. Labastide, Citta Slow  
  14. Notre Dame de l’Assomption  
  15. Château du Prada  
  16. Antiquités Brocante  
  17. Office de Tourisme  
  18. La Galerie des Glaces de Annick Dovifat  
  19. Le Chai  
  20. Photocéramique  
  21. Averil & Martin, Jardin & Piscine  
  22. Averil & Martin, Maison  
  23. Averil & Martin, Grange  
  24. Collagitation  
  25. Richard Freeth, artiste libre  
  26. Paco-Ibanez, artiste modeste  
  27. La Petite Maison  
  28. École de Labastide D’Armagnac  
  29. Éspace des Expositions  
  30. La Bibliothèque  
  31. Bernard Béranger: légumes et fruits  
  32. La Villa des Remparts  
  33. Les Chambres des Bastides     

Director: Martin Freeth



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