The Spirit Of Flatness

Опубликовано в in Documentary Short


Documentary film about traveling through the country of Finland, snowboarding and figuring out practice of this sport in such difficult (flat) geographical conditions, practically without any mountains. As you know Finland has some of the best snowboarders in the world, so we invited two interesting profesjonal riders – Janne Lipsanen and Axel Thelen to our trip. They will tell us and show us how can snowboarding be done in Finland In the film, we are driving deep in to the Arctic Circle and also show the highest mountain top where probably no one was ever riding on snowboard before .Axel and Janne like most of Finnish riders never saw their “mountains” ,thats why we decided to do this trip. In this Story we solve the mystery of such a big and the same time great culture of snowboarding there .

Director: Paweł Jaworski


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