Documentary Short

Any Documentary Film under 45 mins will be considered in this category. Foreign language work must be dubbed or subtitled in English.

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River Kingdom

Three westerners and their Cambodian friend set out on a journey through rural Cambodia. Our goal was to paddle the Srepok River, a tributary to the mighty Mekong River. We did not reach our destination. Our expedition came to a quick halt when the river took an unexpected turn. Just when we thought our journey …Read more »

Shangri La

This film is based on a true story about a white-collar Chinese worker that lives in Beijing. After he reads the fantasy novel “Lost horizon”, he begins an extraordinary journey with a backpack to find his “Shangri-La”. His quest to find it was so intense that he crossed 6 provinces and 12 cities, passing by …Read more »

A rider’s dream – Japan. An Epic Solo Motorcycle Journey

An Epic Solo Motorcycle Journey. Short docu-travel film about one month trip in Japan. From traditional palaces and temples to egaming, splendour of a Kyoto geisha dance to the spare beauty of a Zen rock garden, there were endless surprises around every corner. Dorector: Arek Sowula

Menari: An Indonesian Dance Legacy

“Menari: An Indonesian Dance Legacy” uniquely presents to the viewer the beauty and variety of Indonesia’s traditional ethnic dances. The nation’s proud mantra, “through diversity, we are one,” resonates throughout the film as these traditional dancers share their passion and commitment to continuing the legacy of their culture and heritage. Featuring a stunning array of …Read more »

Northern Lights

A motorbike film of an epic 12000 kms. off-road journey from Barcelona to North Cape ( Norway) ending in Helsinki. Director: Jordi Gómez “León Bocanegra”