Documentary Short

Any Documentary Film under 45 mins will be considered in this category. Foreign language work must be dubbed or subtitled in English.

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Sunday, 22nd of March, the Greek government announced the beginning of the lockdown. Having a lot of free time on my hands, I started going through my old files and created a project without knowing where it was going to lead me.All I knew was that I wanted to make a film so I could …Read more »

Mum, I’m fine! – A 5 Year Travel Love Story

So I booked this ticket to India, which was supposed to be a 6 week backpacking trip. After a cancelled flight it turned into a crazy 5 year journey. This is direct Point of View Travel Film about a Millennial who proves as nothing else but a product of his time. (Ah yeah, and it’s …Read more »

The colours of Mayo

Video directed with the association Street Art Sans Frontières for the Mayo project 2020 in Ivory Coast. Director: Jean Charles Antunes  


A beautiful collection of pictures binds Frank Cancian, old photographer and retired professor of anthropology, American with origin from Veneto, with the people of Lacedonia, a small town in Irpinia, Italy. Thanks to the random discovery of the 1801 photographs taken in 1957 by the young Cancian in that rural village where he had arrived …Read more »

The Passion of Andalucía

A fast-paced ride through the culture of Andalucía, Spain. Director: Brandon Li