Documentary Short

Any Documentary Film under 45 mins will be considered in this category. Foreign language work must be dubbed or subtitled in English.

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The Great Atchafalaya Basin

Efforts to save the Atchafalaya Basin are highlighted with stunning visuals of the largest wetland and swamp in the United States. Located in south central Louisiana, it is a combination of wetlands and river delta area where the Atchafalaya River and the Gulf of Mexico converge. Director: Mark Knight – creative tourism in Portugal

This documentary presents the story of CREATOUR, a multidisciplinary research-action project (2016-2020) to foster the development of creative and sustainable tourism practices in small cities and rural areas throughout Portugal. Within CREATOUR a network of cultural and tourism practitioners was forged, embodying the dream of local revitalization through small-scale and community-based creative tourism practices all …Read more »

Papua New Guinea | The Last Frontier

A cultural travel film of one of the most undiscovered nation’s on earth, Papua New Guinea Director: Dylan Dickerson

Welcome to Nain

In the spring of 2019, a team of 4 friends set off for a trip to the heart of the Inuit-owned territory of Nunatsiavut in the canadian province Newfoundland and Labrador. Immerse yourself in a journey where the meeting with local culture is mixed with first ski descents throughout deep canyons and rugged coastal ranges. …Read more »


Sunday, 22nd of March, the Greek government announced the beginning of the lockdown. Having a lot of free time on my hands, I started going through my old files and created a project without knowing where it was going to lead me.All I knew was that I wanted to make a film so I could …Read more »