Web series

This category is reserved for a travel web-series that is currently running on YouTube, Vimeo, or streaming service and would like to increase exposure to new fans. The maximum length of a web series episode with credits is a maximum of 30 minutes.

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Blue Habits – Baja

Five-part video series exploring important marine habitats and critical conservation issues, we explore the positive impacts of sustainable tourism on both people and wildlife in Baja California, Mexico. Meet Huber Omar Murillo Nuñez, a lifelong resident of Bahía Magdalena, and hear how tourism has impacted his life and his community. Director: 

Hitchhiking Around The World

A short video about long trip around the world. Director:  Pavel Adventurer


Muui is a Sino-Korean word for “without meaning.”

Beyond the Usual

“Beyond the Usual” takes you on a journey of extraordinary experiences. It’s a travel show produced and hosted by two-time National Emmy Award winning journalist Dayvee Sutton, who seeks out the most unique adventures, people, destinations and bucket-list experiences, and takes you along for the ride. Director: Dayvee Sutton


The true experts for a place are the people who live there – the ones who grew up and decided to stay. Backpacking to foreign countries, the two Cologne based filmmakers Nadine & Annika noticed, that their travel experience reaches another level, when they stick to locals instead of other travellers. The stories and insight …Read more »