The British Backpacker Society: Across the Sahara

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In a search for cheap beer, great parties and sexy tans, two Dorset twenty-somethings book a budget flight to Malaga and are ready to enjoy two weeks on the beaches of the Costa Del Sol. However, when the Spanish sun proves to be as elusive as an English summertime, the lads grab a map and determine that better weather may lie further south.

Across the Sahara is a film about the extreme lengths that Brits will go to find a bit of sunshine. From the southern tip of Spain to the Senegalese capital, the friends use any means necessary – ranging from the top of a speeding freight train to a minefield-crossing taxi – to complete an overland crossing of the world’s largest sand desert and to find “the real coast of sun.”

Director: Michael L Worrall


Dorset-born film-maker Michael L Worrall is fascinated by crossing borders, both conceptually, in his surrealist short films, or physically, as an adventure traveller. Combining his love of film-making and global exploration, Michael makes films whilst travelling as part of the British Backpacker Society.

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