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In the August of 2015, a team of 4 motorcycles plus a small crew, left the town of Bucharest – Romania, with the sole purpose of going on the roads of their country, wherever the online social media users send them, as long as it is within a 300 km range, from the start point of the day. The travel went on for 17 days… Scorching sun, heavy rain, cold, motorcycle breakdowns and sun again. 17 days of uniqueness.

Director: Horia Hateg

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Horia Hațeg is a musician who has very recently started his career as a filmmaker. As a musician he plays the bass, djs drum & bass and produces music, expanding his artistic horizon into the visual arts. His first documentary film (2017), #călătoreștecumine, follows 4 romanian motorcyclists, Cristian Hrubaru (radio presenter), Ivo Bobal (project organizer) Ucku Tirle (mechanic) and John Nägl (transports entrepreneur) on their social-networks driven journey to discover as much as possible from Romania’s sights in 17 days.

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