Pathway to health

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This documentary follows the journey around the Mediterranean sea of three young doctors who wants to think about their connection with health.
Through their meetings, their thinking and some trip anecdotes, this road-movie is a good opportunity to ask ourselves about our current medical practices.

Directors: Sylvain Diserens, Rappe Rémi

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Rémi Rappe :
Rémi grew up in the west of France. After his study biology in Bordeaux university, he travelled a lot. He quickly wanted to transmit with pictures his visual, social and natural experiences. So he began a film making master in the IFFCAM (french wildlife film-making school).
Then he has worked in diverse project abroad as a cameraman or as a filmmaker.

Sylvain Diserens :
Born in Châtel-St-Denis, in Switzerland, Sylvain lived the first twenty years of his life in the swiss prealps. Fascinated by nature and science he studied biology in the Fribourg university. Once he had his bachelor, he continued his studies in France in the IFFCAM (french wildlife film-making school).
Since 2015, he lives in Poitiers where he works on two documentaries : Blue gold of Rajasthan and Pathway to health.

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