The Hoffmans Go To France

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We Hoffmans are just your ordinary family traveling for vacation and adventure. But it happens that Daddy David Hoffman is a filmmaker with the GoPro at the ready. The results led to this one-hour travelogue — a film with a true start and finish. It has been watched by many and seems to be enjoyed on YouTube. I am hopeful that your festival will find a place for it. The experience is for audiences of all types to enjoy watching us. Nothing major happens. And yet, the Hoffmans, and our viewers, experience much along the way and are changed a great deal as a result as you will see at the end.

Director: David Hoffman

Hoffman Tales of Truth

My style not only made a video worthy of keeping as a family treasure but the experience of making it gave us the best vacation we ever had. And best of all, anyone using the techniques that I used here could do something similar for their family’s future.



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  1. <path_to_url> David Hoffman

    To see more of my documentaries, visit my YouTube channel, David Hoffman filmmaker.

  2. <path_to_url> Stefania

    just totally uninteresting movie … so what did you show of Paris that we hadn’t seen already!??? and what’s so interesting of seeing you and your kids making stupid comments???


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