Documentary Short

Any Documentary Film under 45 mins will be considered in this category. Foreign language work must be dubbed or subtitled in English.

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Of travel and gravel

The Tagliamento divides Friuli Venezia Giulia in half, generating a multitude of different microcosms, linguistically specific with shifting lifestyles and imaginative tales. To fully describe the kaleidoscopic shape of the river which, from Forni di Sopra, begins its thunderous descent until calming down around Rosa Vecchia (San Vito al Tagliamento), we decided to weave fiction …Read more »

Hidden Pockets

A Travel DocuSeries highlighting the sights unseen in Sri Lanka, through the eyes of Patrick Rutnam. Director: Patrick Rutnam


Thaipusam is a Hindu festival that takes place every year in January-February. This is a short film documenting Thaipusam at the Batu Caves in Malaysia. Devotees dress up in yellow costumes and carry milk in jars on their heads to the temple where Murugan is worshipped in the cave. Some devotees also carry a portable …Read more »

Kavala Full Of Experiences

At the heart of the concept is the experience gained by the visitor during their visit to Kavala – a truly memorable experience thanks to the urban cityscape, friendly people, natural wonders, rich history and all the fascinating adventures that Kavala offers. The visitor has no gender, skin colour or origin. Instead, the city acts …Read more »

The Incredible Adventures of a Postmaster, Envelope and Stamp: Balloon mail

The documentary is based on the materials of the Pacific historical and geographical postal film and radio expedition “Maritime Heritage of Primorsky Krai” and the world’s first postal radio and telegraph historical and adventure experiment POSTVENTURE. The first episode is devoted to the history and reconstruction of balloon mail. Director:  Leonid Astashov